Backgrounds for fotostudios

Backgrounds & backdrops

  • Hintergrundgewebe und Backdrops


    Hintergrundgewebe und Backdrops

  • flammhemmende Dekostoffe nach B1, M1, NFPA


    Dekorative Vorhänge zum Abhängen

Backgrounds for photo shooting

Backgrounds are a vital element in the professional portrait and advertising photography. They provide adequate lighting, tone up contrast to the people or objects in the foreground and create the desired atmosphere.

Coloured, printed, digital-printed, hand-painted or just casually draped – the textiles have to be made almost seamless to maintain their inherent flow. They have to comply with the relevant international fire protection standards and building codes, if applicable. And they also have to be suited for the daily handling in photo studios.

 IBENA TECHNODECO textiles meet all these requirements.