Sateen Molton, Deco- and Blackoutmolton, CS Molton

Not all molton fabrics are alike: IBENA blackout molton is woven from a very fine yarn, and only one-side is raised. The fine yarn makes a very opaque fabric with an evenly raised surface. But also the backside of IBENA blackout molton is a sight to see: it has a slightly glossy structure and deserves to be called “satin molton”.

However, in general blackout molton is not as wrinkle-resistant as stage molton. Therefore, stage molton is used mainly for curtains and blackout molton for framed textiles.

All Molton out of cotton have in common that they are flame-retardant in compliance with B1, but this finish is not permanent. When the textile gets wet the flame protection might wash out, or the cloth will get stained. We recommend to use IBENA CS molton to prevent this. IBENA CS Molton is made of flame-retardant fibres, and the B1 test was certified even after ten laundering processes.

Blackoutmolton - because of the coating it is 100% opaque, and we have chosen the coating so that it is particularly stable and does not break during folding / creasing.